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Powerline io as if done specifically to surprise experienced gamers. Such a snake no one expected, and the better that it appeared: fast, stylish and bold! How to play The main task in Powerline io is to grow the biggest snake, lead the Top and stay there as long as possible, writing a record in your name. To do this, you need to eat the points left by the death of other players. In order to kill another player, you need to make it crash into the track of your snake, in fact, into her body. Its not worth it to crash into your own track, as well as to the edges of the map-death! A super original thought of the developer is that when you come close to another snake your gets a charge of vivacity and speed. The closer the contact, the more speed your character will acquire. On this acceleration, it is necessary to overtake the opponent and cut him. Excitement is combined with a huge danger, because to manage a snake at high speeds is very difficult. After close contact, the players in Energolinia Io have a real duel, where a microsecond reaction can decide the outcome of the game. Therefore, it is better to estimate in advance which way you will turn. Control Arrows or WASD to control the snake

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