Monkey Quest

Monkey Quest Online is a masterpiece that will give you the passion you are looking for. I would like to say that you will have difficulty in certain stages after you have logged in. Let me immediately explain what these are. First you need to register after starting. Because you do not have the option to play normally you have to do. If the name you typed after creating your record is not used, it will be automatically accepted. Play, but you will go before the fight. Before this you need to download a file that takes up 10mb. You will not be able to start without this file that will create the introduction part of the game. It is the index base only. Once you have logged in, you will be constantly assisted. Since you are starting from 1 level, you will do quests to level up first. As you do your tasks, you will improve yourself by exp. Chances are you will be given gifts by opening them in this way will create the warrior monkey. Your character is face, look, hair and color has a part that completely changes. Customize only looks at these settings. You must perform the tasks completely. I really recommend you to take part in this game which will be really fun. You will be satisfied with the quality that we can say as number 10. Since step 1 is already a teaching department, you will learn everything 4-4.