Running Fred

Running fred is in big trouble. The grim reaper is after him to kill him. He needs your help to get out of the azrail as soon as possible. You have to help her. In the game big cannonballs, sharp rotating blades, giant swords in the pits and large cliffs and so on. has. So you have to be very careful. All you have to do is get the credit to finish the chapters as soon as possible. In order to do this, you must not get stuck in any of the obstacles. That is why it is so hard to do. Use the arrow keys or w, a, s, d keys to move the movement of the fred. Use the left button of the spacebar or mouse to jump the fred. There are silver medals in the department. They will need you to develop your loan. At the end of the section silver medals will come back to you as gold, you can buy equipment to develop fredi from the shop with these gold. Start running fred with unlimited levels.