4Th And Goal

Spacebar – throw the ball
Arrow keys – to run and move in different directions
Spacebar while running – spin gestures
Spacebar on defense – big heads can even cause confusion
A, S and D buttons – to pass on offense
W – speed boost while running
Friends, I see that you are also interested in sports games like me, and I see that you are especially interested in American football. Youre in luck, because my blog is entirely dedicated to one of the best games in this category – 4th and Goal. This is a free online game with epic matches, different teams, some special moves and so on, its developed by GlowMonkey and its fun and challenging.
How to play:
What is your goal in American football? Thats right, just score the goal and beat the opposing team. You can use various moves for this, you can use speed boosts, you can use maneuvers, you can use the help of your team, etc. Game skills are very important in this game, you will improve over time.