Amanda The Adventurer

The game begins with the player facing a television and three VHS tapes next to it.

When the player inserts the first tape, they are greeted by Amanda and Wooly the Sheep. Amanda says she loves apples, but Wooly tells her he’s allergic to them. Amanda encourages Wooly to overcome his fear and suggests they make an apple pie, but they need to go to the market to get the ingredients. If the player tries to go somewhere else instead of the market, they won’t be able to because everyone else around them disappears. Once they get to the market, Amanda asks the player to write down what she sees. Even if the player tries to write something else, Amanda insists on seeing the word “apple,” and the first tape ends here.

Although the game is short, it becomes a favorite among horror game players a few weeks after its release, and everyone tries to solve the game’s secrets by making reaction videos. It is said that future updates will bring new secrets and theories.