Among Us Online

The game can actually be seen as two teams, a crew and a team of traitors. Crewmates win by completing all missions before being killed, or by finding and eliminating all traitors; For the traitors to win, the traitors must have the number equal to the number of Crew Companions, or they must kill enough Crew until the sabotage countdown is over; The purpose of the ghosts is to aid their living teammates by completing tasks and sabotaging the Ghostmate and Impostor, respectively. When a villain performs a sabotage, either there is a sudden outcome (such as all lights going out) or a countdown begins and must be resolved before the sabotage is over, or all Crewmates will die. Sabotage can be resolved by players in a variety of ways, depending on what sabotage is done.

How to Play Among Us Crewmate?

By doing the tasks in the game, you have to fill in the Total Tasks Completed section at the top left. Your biggest task in the game is to catch the impostor. You can do your tasks in question marked sections. Task windows look like this. The tasks are pretty simple. You just need to pull and hold the button.

Using the Emergency Button
alking in the game is prohibited. There are 2 times you can talk in the game. One of them is the emergency button. If you suspect something in the game, you can press this button and blame someone. Another is that when you find a body, you can gather the team by pressing the report button and express your suspicions.Here you can vote for the person you suspect and persuade other crewmate members to vote for that person.

Crewmate Advanced Tactics
Usually you have to go around in bulk. When each mission is done, the bar at the top left is filled up slightly. If you catch a person doing the task and the bar is not full after you finish the task, the person you caught could become an impostor. You can tell this to other players by going to the emergency meeting button immediately.

How to Play Among Us Impostor?
You should never be afraid to lie while playing Impostor. If you are really persuasive and can easily lie, that means you will be very successful in the game.

Organizing an Assassination
One of the most important tasks you have to do while playing Impostor is to kill the crewmats. You can go near a crewmat and assassinate him. Then you need time to slaughter someone again. As you can see, the REPORT button was opened after killing someone. You can report the body by clicking this button. There is a tactic here. To make you believe that you found this corpse you did not die, you can say “I was actually working here, but this actor was just here and I saw him on his way out. Of course, this will be a very simple tactic. Over time, you can find more convincing tactics.

Using the VENT Section
Another feature of impostors is that they can use the air vents available in the game. Be careful, only impostors use these vents. If you see one coming out of here, that person is definitely an impostor. As you can see here, after the crewmate is killed, we can go to a different section in the game with the vents. So you can quickly get away from the corpse and say, “Im very far from the map, Ive never even been there.”

Another feature that impostors can use is sabotage. Thanks to this feature, it can separate the crewmats from each other and capture and kill them alone. If the crewmate team fails to prevent these sabotage in time, they lose the game. So they have to complete it quickly. Each sabotage has a different property.

Door Button: If you click on the door button of Cafeteria, the entrances and exits to the cafeteria are completely closed. So you can kill someone who is here alone by going through vents.

Electricity: When you press the electric button, the views of the crewmate team are very low. So even if you are next to a person, they may not see you sometimes.

Oxygen (O2): If the crewmate team cannot prevent this sabotage, they are deemed to have lost the game directly. The way to prevent this sabotage is to repair the electrical part.

Reactor: If the crewmate team cannot prevent this sabotage, they are deemed to have lost the game directly. The way to prevent this sabotage is to repair the sabotage part.

Communications: This sabotage closes the gate information in the game.

Advanced Tactics for Impostor

The beginning of the game
Do not leave the starting point directly at the beginning of the game. First, analyze where people are going. After waiting 4 or 5 seconds, you can start moving. The biggest advantage here is that people wont know where you are going. So you can go anywhere you want with Vent.

Catch alone
With the tactics we make at the beginning of the game, we know more or less where the players go and how many people go. Now what we have to do is find and kill someone who goes to a distant destination alone. After doing this, you can quickly move away from that area and appear to be working at a different point.

Mess up
Analyze those who accuse each other well in the first vote and kill one of them. So people will think that one of those who accuse each other is an impostor.

Defend the Oppressed Try to Bring on Your Side
If they accuse someone other than you in the game, you can defend that person and attract him to your side. So you can take 1 crewmate with you. The benefit to you is that that person will be on your side in the next vote. If things go wrong and your defender suspects you, then there is nothing to do.

Do Task
Be careful while serving, in some cases the bar is not filled when you serve. If you do your duty and the bar is not full, do not leave the place of duty. Because this task crewmats can understand that you are the impostor.

Dont Blame
If nobody is blaming you, there is little point in coming out. Every time you speak, other players will start looking for you, or the person you accuse will be hostile to you. Instead of blaming someone, you can simply put the name of a person and say “I saw it there, but I dont know”, and you can leave the crewmats suspicious about that person.

Door Tamper
After sabotaging the door, you can quickly roam the rooms and kill someone who is left alone, and then you can come back from where you came from. Thus, nobody will see that you enter or exit that area.

Play in Voting
Lets just skip the vote and dont say I wont vote. In the last seconds, you can press the skip button saying “I could not decide, I will not vote” and leave the voting without blaming anyone and reacting. Thus, there will be no doubt against you and you will enjoy watching the crewmats fight with each other. If 3-4 people are going over a person, you can vote by saying “I dont think but I fit the majority”.

Cameras are available in the game. With the cameras, the players can see the locations of other players. It will flash red when a person looks with the camera. Do not kill someone or use the vents while the cameras are active.