Ready to have a great time with in a fun multiplayer online block game? Inspired by the classic and famous Minecraft game, you will have to run non-stop and jump from one block to the next to try to reach the end of the road safely and firmly without falling into the void. Can you overcome this challenge?
This amazing game challenges you to successfully overcome an almost impossible race to victory! Run along a course of dozens of floating platforms where youll encounter many opponents trying to reach the finish line in front of you to grab first place. The yellow blocks act as checkpoints, so once you reach them you can save your progress and start from the same point when you fall into the void. Earn money as you progress and invest patiently and with a lot of effort to buy speed upgrades or double jump upgrades that will get you going as far as you want. Are you ready for fun, dont look back and try to reach the finish line before your opponents! We wish you good luck!