is a game with the pumped up physics of Newton. The laws of gravity, mass interaction, gravity are all here. Rounds – puzzles consist of collapsing structures and the task is to maintain balance and remain the last survivor on the map.
How to play
Conditions for victory and defeat
Victory is credited to the last survivor. That is, even if you fell with the whole company, the last one who fell down won him a bonus HP.
The defeat overtakes you in different ways, depending on the card.
Control in Bonko on arrows + X (X) to weight.
To be heavy, you need to have the English keyboard layout turned on. By pressing X, your character will acquire a white outline. In the event of a collision, the heavier remains in place, and the lighter player flies out of the way.
For the victory in the rounds you are charged with HP. If you register (just enter your name and password), your account will be remembered when the browser is reloaded. If not, then after entering a new time you will start again.
HP in Bonk io is needed exclusively for painting your hero. Entering the menu CUSTOMISE you can create a personal style. The higher your level, the more stickers will be available.
On the speed, severity and other control level does not affect.
Quick Play – everyone for himself. The game is played by 4 players and randomly changing rounds.
Custom Game – there is a creator of the room in which he chooses rounds, FFA or by commands, the maximum number of players. You can create yourself. If you want to play only with friends, then put the password and no one else will go.
Hacks, Nuances, Recommendations
Beware of black surfaces, they are always deadly.
Do not jump very high – somewhere up there, there are boundaries of the map, the flight for which – death.
To push off from the earth, you need to fall with the arrow down. Its not worth it to talk about it. Weighting deprives you of maneuverability on the arrows.
More often wins the one who does not get involved in the fight.