Burger Clicker

Burger Clicker is a popular idle game where the player manages their own virtual burger restaurant. The goal of the game is to sell as many burgers as possible by hiring employees, upgrading equipment, and expanding the restaurant.
In the game, the player starts with a small burger stand and clicks on the burger icon to make burgers. As they sell burgers, they earn money that can be used to hire employees to automate the process and upgrade equipment to increase the efficiency and speed of burger production.
The player can also purchase new locations and expand their burger empire to new cities. As the player progresses, they will face more challenging objectives and earn greater rewards.
Burger Clicker is a fun and addictive game that can be played on desktop and mobile devices. Its a great way to pass the time and test your skills at managing a virtual burger business.

Burger Clicker Tactics

Burger Clicker is a popular idle game where the player runs a fast-food restaurant, creates burgers, and serves customers to earn money. Here are some tactics that can help you progress faster in the game:

  1. Upgrade your ingredients: Upgrading your ingredients will make your burgers more valuable, and you can sell them for a higher price. This will allow you to earn more money per burger, which will help you progress faster.
  2. Hire employees: Hiring employees will automate your burger-making process, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the game, such as managing your inventory and upgrading your restaurant. Employees also work when youre not playing the game, so youll earn money even when youre not actively playing.
  3. Manage your inventory: Make sure to keep your ingredients stocked so you can create burgers quickly when customers place orders. Its also a good idea to keep some backup ingredients in case of an unexpected rush.
  4. Invest in advertising: Investing in advertising will attract more customers to your restaurant, which will increase your sales and allow you to progress faster. Make sure to invest in advertising that targets your ideal customer demographic.
  5. Prestige: When you reach a certain point in the game, you can choose to prestige, which will reset your progress but give you bonuses that will help you progress faster in your next playthrough. Make sure to prestige at the right time to maximize your bonuses.

Remember, Burger Clicker is an idle game, so its designed to be played over a long period of time. Focus on making incremental progress each time you play, and youll eventually reach your goals in the game.