Bullet Force

bullet force unblocked game menu page has 5 menus. With the MULTIPLAYER option you can play online games on the internet. From the PRACTICE menu enter the battle in any map against the game is own robots. Buy your own weapons from the CUSTOMIZE menu and create new clans. Take safes from the SHOP section to remove surprise weapons or add new features to your weapons. You can also change the settings of the game in SETTING.
There are 3 buttons in the lower right corner of the screen. Switch to full screen mode by clicking the rightmost one. Click the right and left arrow keys next to it to bring up the game play keys.
Shoot with the left mouse button, open the binoculars with the right button and change the weapon by turning the wheel on the center. Jump with SPACE spacebar. P to stop the game. Use the knife with F. Take E and somebody else is gun off the ground. R fills the magazine. C bends. G throws bombs.
When you enter the MULTIPLAYER menu, you will find the QUICKPLAY, JOIN MATCH and CREATE MATCH menus on the left. Quickly enter any game with QUICKPLAY. Fight in one of the rooms set up with JOIN MATCH. Open a new room with the CREATE MATCH menu. On the right side there are TEAM DEATHMACTH, CONQUEST, FREE FOR ALL and GUN GAME menus. Team battle with TEAM DETHMATCH. Fight one-on-one with FREE FOR ALL. Conquer new locations by conquering enemy zones with CONQUEST. In GUN GAME, each player starts with a different weapon. In this part, you continue the game by taking the gun of the person you killed.
You earn 100 for every person you kill. These coins are deposited in your account. With the money you have accumulated, you will continue to play bullet force by purchasing new weapons from the CUSTOMIZE menu. You can easily kill your enemies by starting each new game with better weapons.