Counter Craft

Counter Craft is a shooting and gun game in which you have to start a police mission or terrorist mission depending on which side of the camp you want to be. For starters, whats different about this game is that the whole adventure takes place on a Minecraft inspired map, which is really cool.
You definitely know the gameplay of the game because Counter-Strike games are very popular and played by many players, but you have to be prepared for the fight because the game will bring you face to face with players from all over the world, from different continents: Europe, USA, Africa, Russia and even China. Each map will have a limited number of minutes to prove to us that you can make as many kills as possible. If you manage to hit the enemy in front of you, every bullet you shoot will earn you bonus points.
You can develop a strategy by using chat with your team or trying to help your team members when they get attacked. Use the money in the game to buy new weapons, improve your armor, buy grenades and even other clothing items.
How to Play Counter Craft Game?
It will be a lot of fun because dear kids, you will be in a very special 3D multiplayer map where you will have to use the MOUSE to move and set your target using the ARROW keys on the keyboard. and use the MOUSE LEFT CLICK to use 3D weapons. You can use the Y key to write in the chat and communicate with all other players.
You can find all the original Counter Strike weapons like the AWP or AK47 in this game so you can choose which one is your favorite and see how many opponents you can hit and which one can get the highest score. We wish you good luck!