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Cube City Wars is an amazing 2 player war game! You are in an imaginary city created by cubes! You have to fight head to head with other players and try to be the first to kill 10 people. Will you be a survivor or will you die? Good luck! The war game can be dark sometimes but this game is both fun and entertaining, unlike many! There will be 2 players fighting each other hard in this game! Your aim is to control both players. A player who uses weapons, cars and airdrops better than the other player wins the battle in this battle. You will struggle with CPU players as well as your opponent. To start the war, you have to click the play button in the main menu. When the game starts you will see the whole city. You can use the WASD keys to control your first player and you can use the arrow keys to control the other. You are equipped with a weapon and you can change weapons by taking various parachute drops scattered all over the city. You can jump in your car to get around the city faster and reach your opponent. The player who destroys his opponents health bar 10 times wins the game. Use your strategy and eliminate them before they kill you! If you liked Cube City Wars, click here to browse our collection of free and online IO games! Developer Netv developed Cube City Wars. Release date May 2018 Scores Features 2 player game Multiple weapons to use Different items to unlock Intuitive gameplay Controls Use 1 WASD, space bar, tab and E key to control the player. Use the arrow keys, L, K and O keys to control Player 2.


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