Here you will spend many hours, because Deep it is a mega-game. Look at your hands. Now these hands will now steer the most powerful weapons that they can create.
How to play
The maximum level of pumping Tanka – 45. Swings fairly quickly, for 10-15 minutes. Also Tank has three upgrades, during which he receives specialization. Rock will be due to the destruction of yellow, red and purple figures, as well as other tanks.
Conditions for victory and defeat
The victory and defeat in Diphone depends on the mode in which you play. There are finite and infinite modes. For the beginning – about the final.
In the Domination mode, the team that captures all 4 points on the card wins. Survival mode is played until the last survivor on the map.
In other modes, you can play on the map indefinitely, as well as retain leadership in Top. The only thing when you occupy the 1st place, the gray arrow in the lower left corner of the screen will point to your side, so be careful.
Defeat as such is absent. When you are killed, you are reborn with loss of characteristics, and the pumping of characteristics and the type of tank is reset. Sometimes its even cool, because you can try to swing in a different way.
Controls in the DIP IO WASD (arrows) + mouse. If you press E, the shooting will be automatic.
All tanks are good, we need all kinds. There is no such thing as to be pumped up and no one to you anywhere. The task of the player is to find that tank, which is more convenient and more pleasant for him and more interesting to play today. Tomorrow it will be another tank, the day after tomorrow – the third. And a week later it will seem that the first pumping is still steeper. This is normal. Simply you can drive yourself to search for the perfect build, but you can find the pros and enjoy the game for each of the builds.
Such a tank is not drawn here, but you saw a round tank without cannons, with sharp spikes. There is a question, and how such to compose?
The answer is – to take this class, you need to ignore the first upgrade. Then on the 30th level you were asked to take Kolobok.
And the bonus is the answer to the question but will there be upgrades that I have ignored or gone? The answer is saved. If you ignored both the first upgrade and the second, then at 45m level you can immediately pumped up to any tank.
There is a certain logic in how to swing the view of the tank + characteristics. In the column Hacks, Nuances, Recommendations, we give a few not obvious examples of pumping.
On March 9th, 2017, there was an update of the game, related to the characteristics. Now, holding U, you can create a queue of how the characteristics for the received points will be automatically pumped. The plan is as follows: pinch U and click on the plus sign. Once you are credited with the characteristics, they are pumped in this order. This means that if you press the maximum damage, then the recharge, then maximize the speed of the bullet, then in the beginning you will all invest in Damage, etc. That is reasonable one plus for 7, another for 6, 5 and 4, then again for 7, 6 for 5 – so the pumping will be harmonious. The mode of the queue allows you to pump out without being distracted from the fight, although experienced tank crews are not a problem =)
If you clamp M, then by clicking on the characteristic in advance, put everything in the plan to the maximum. To remove the queue, we need to continue holding M, press 1 time on U. In our opinion, its a bit too much and we advise you to do as they wrote above: press U and one by one to randomly call to the stats.
FFA – Everyone for himself.
2 Teams – Here 2 teams and your success equals the success of your team.
4 Teams – There are 4 teams. On the leadership board, your personal progress is celebrated and you are marked what color you are.
Domination – Capture the flag. There are 2 teams and 4 squares in the center. The game ends when one of the teams has captured all four points.
Tag – Here personal ambitions are beneficial for the team. 4 colors, 4 teams; the task of getting your team to the Top.
Maze – Labyrinth. Everyone for himself, but at the same time running around lanes and dead ends.
Survival – A game, a lifetime! In one. Here it is played to the victorious – once you have been killed, you are flying out. Only one will remain.
Sandbox – This is a sandbox. You are alone there, and you are slowly swaying into your health. Experience shows that in combat conditions you are pumped much more rapidly and the opportunity to see the 45th level will come soon =)
Hacks, Nuances, Recommendations
Try to do this:
Invest in the stats 3,2,1 and pump up to the Annihilator (a tank with a giant cannon). When such a tank shoots, it throws it back, right? So thats it. Turn around the back in the direction of the enemy, use the shooting as an acceleration and crush all the masses.
Rush to the Booster, develop to the full 5, 6, 7, 8 and the remaining stats to 4. It turns out that your shooting speed will not be enough 2 pluses to the maximum. And this is a joke: you will fly so fast on the map that the cartridges will accumulate in front. And when you catch up with the opponent, all this cloud of bullets will destroy it at once.
Go with a friend on the map and both get to Penta Shot. Such a flurry of fire can not be sustained by anyone. Even sniper bullets can not get through.