About Dynast.io
Dynast.io, the new war game developed by the creators of Glor.io! Survival RPG game you have never seen before! Create farms and castles, fight monsters, survive a cold winter season, ride your motorcycle, fight for treasures and rule the server!
One of Dynast.io players goals is to earn the most points. Another is to build the most powerful empire that will control the map. You can set up your placement, collaborate with other players, and fight with others.
– Swords and Shields!
– Full featured inventory system that stores items between sessions!
– Craft and build!
– Personal and team battles!
– Dynamic fire!
How to Play Dynast.io?
You can move with WASD keys
Left click to target with mouse
TAB / B / C / P / M – inventory / building menu / craft menu / map / tools
SHIFT to build in a row
SHIFT to manage your inventory
Ctrl + Left mouse button to move inventory items
T to dispose of the currently equipped items
+/- to zoom the camera
Equipment to select 0-9
Enter chat with ENTER
P to open the map
Dynast.io Strategy
Ax, Pick Ax and Club – your best friend at the beginning, start using it right away.
Once you reach a certain level of strength, try to find the gold ore. If you build a heart stone, you wont lose your progress and level after the first death.
You can unlock the bush and hide on the mini-map from other players!
Dont forget the shields! Significantly increases your chances of survival!
Set traps to stop animals and other players. Start building your base and build archer towers, it can protect you from monsters!
Dont go for the treasures you cant win! There are monsters and other players who want to take them!
When building the heartstone, a nightmare may come to you, so be careful at night!
If you are not ready for weapons and level, do not go out of your base in winter because it is really dangerous.
You can get some diamonds by killing werewolves during the night. So, try to build a motorcycle, it makes you move faster!
Try to find a team or create a new team, because you have more chances to survive together!
Diamond shield and gold hammer – great stuff to attack other bases!
The thief hat can make you invisible during the night if you do not move. Use to hide from enemy groups.