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Evades.io is a browser game that brings the mind to Agar.io with its look like 2D Agar.io.

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Evades is a complete agario-style game. However, agario has worked more extensively than the other game genre. in this game, more importance is given to unity and togetherness. The choice vehicle is moving slower. While fighting in multiple players, you try to get away from moving circles. Try to stay away from the gray bubbles that are rapidly approaching you. if these bubbles hit you in any way, you have to restart. But you dont have to go back to start again. wherever youre dead, you go back to living there. Hes counting backwards for 10 seconds, bringing you back to life. You can continue where youre excited. Try to get the highest score by playing again. The highest scores will be published continuously on the main page. You can be in this race with both your friends and people you dont even know. It will be fun to make friends by meeting new people.

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