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ev.io takes you to a futuristic shooting simulation where you have to be closer to your enemies than your friends. Everyone is a killing machine waiting for their opponent to appear. Hold on to your memories, loved ones and hopes ... Because you may eventually lose everything you have. Do you have the courage to grab your gun and step into this battlefield now? The time is about to come. An icy cold building looks empty. But the enemies are sneakily waiting for you. Maybe youre in the middle of nowhere, maybe youre everywhere. You are at a breaking point and your life is at stake. Its not an ordinary game youve experienced before. Your ultimate goal in this multiplayer shooting simulation is to increase your kill rates as much as possible before time runs out. Dont forget to check your back to avoid surprise attacks! You can choose to fight against players from all over the world or challenge your friends in private mode. You can right click to aim and show off your headshot skills! While running around, you can find ammo and different weapons to use. Open your eyes wide because this place is full of special weapons and ammo. Lets see if you are the last man standing on this battlefield. If you want to try another game like this, be sure to check out PUBG Pixel 3D. Developer Addicting Games developed Ev.io. Release date 27 January 2021 Features 3D colorful graphics Multiplayer war simulation 2 different game modes to choose from Various weapons to collect Controls Use the WASD keys to move around. Left click to shoot and right click to aim. C to squat. Space bar to jump. Q, G, F for using special weapons and grenades.

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