Exploder.io is an online bomber-man game where you can encounter up to 4 players in mazes filled with obstacles, monsters and especially bombs that explode everywhere. Place bombs in the arena to destroy brick blocks and clear passages, try to trap other players to shoot and lose their lives with the explosion of the explosion. Your goal in the game will be to win the game as the last player living in the maze.
Exploder.io was designed to be easy to understand but difficult to master, just like its ancestor Bomberman, many subtleties and tactics make the game rich in possibilities, especially when you have to face other veteran players. To gain an advantage over your opponents, you will need to be cunning and use the various bonuses you can find in the maze in a sensible way.
You can play online against other players from all over the world or create a private room and invite your friends to play together in the same game. By logging in, you can spend the coins you earn during your games to buy skins or different explosion effects for your characters.