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About FlappyRoyale.io FlappyRoyale.io is a bird-flying io game where you can have reflexes, physics and high-level fun. FlappyRoyale.io game is here to teach you how to fly, you have the right to flutter one wing at a time. In this exciting real-time physics game, you will be flying against other players from around the world. Your task is simple; Survive. However, to survive at different levels in this game requires more than determination and luck. Each level is generated randomly and contains various obstacles at different heights and distances. Your job is to overcome all obstacles in your path along this obstacle route with one click at a time. Each click of your mouse will raise your character once. Perfectly timing your wings so you can fly, rise, fall and avoid obstacles in a line of sight. You will be able to see the ghosts of hundreds of other opponents facing you, so do not be afraid! Try to use their presence as an inspiration to keep yourself playing. You can do it, it wont be easy but it will be fun! How to Play FlappRoyale.io? The game is popular with players because it combines the original version of Flappy Bird and Fortnite is extremely popular Battle Royale mode. Like Fortnite, there are 100 players competing for the best. You can play this game in your browser because it is inspired by IO Games like surviv.io and zombsroyale.io. You can personalize your character by choosing cute Flappy Bird skins and even different haircuts for your little bird. Create a high target score or try to break your personal best score. FlappyRoyale.io is a small but addictive bird royale game. You take a bus to the battlefield and then you survive longer than the others. To whisk with your wings, you must right-click on an area on the playing field. Avoid hitting the tubes or you will lose the game. If you survive the longest time, you win the game. Tap or click the screen to control the bird is wing.   FlappyRoyale.io Strategy Flappyroyale.io is an important reflex and skill endurance game in the io games category. We all remember the original pp Flappy Bird ”phenomenon game. Your goal is to keep your bird away from these obstacles by flapping and waving at the right time while trying to avoid the yellow tubes on your route. This game is the ultimate in reflex, reaction, coordination, skill and luck. You must direct your customized bird across 100 different screens. The best part is that the game is always different. You will also play against hundreds of other Flappy players. Each of the other players birds will appear on the screen, so you can track your progress and compete in real time! How far can you go in the game? Will you be the ruler of the Flappy world or will you strike a stray tube? You will only see it over time, but you may be able to simply click your mouse, do some practice and sneak up on the top of the leaderboards with so much determination!

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