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Ready to test your rhythm once again with a new mode called Friday Night Funkin vs Whitty? While walking down an alley with your girlfriend, you suddenly notice an ominous glow coming from the corner, and fear takes over, shocking you both completely! Suddenly, Whitty, a wild rock star who has serious problems with your girlfriends family, appears. Think you have what it takes to take down your fiercest opponent? Get ready to take on an incredible musical challenge as you fight to defend the honor of your girlfriend and family and let your skin crawl on every note! With this mod you will have the chance to enjoy a week long battles with Whitty faster and full of songs that are impossible to beat and you will have a simple but really cool design. Very special electric timbre! As the game progresses and you beat the songs, Whitty will become more and more aggressive. Can you successfully overcome each challenge and knock your opponent down?

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