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io Games is an exceptional .io diversion that has a somewhat unique idea to the next current titles – as opposed to playing an unending amusement you should contend in rounds of battle and endeavor to be the last man standing. Amid each round of battle you should battle against different players and endeavor to survive – on the off chance that you are executed you cant respawn until the point that the following round! Scattered around the guide there are various weapons you can utilize. To get a weapon starting from the earliest stage basically drift over it and press F. There are additionally a progression of secret cases and wellbeing packs you can gather – the puzzle cartons may contain supports or great weapons and the wellbeing packs mend your hit focuses. In spite of the fact that swords and tomahawks are extraordinary mele weapons, firearms will give you leeway so dependably attempt and get a gun first! Would you be able to reign as number one in the field? Or on the other hand will you make an early exit and get picked off rapidly? Controls WASD to move Move to spring F to connect Space bar to dash Left snap to assault Parchment or Q to change weapon

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