is the brother of Pikes io, super-fast, decisive and very dangerous. Here one touch equals one life, and no matter how you are pumped – it is important to be always on the alert, which is a certain charm and interest.
How to play rules are extremely simple, and the combat task is to remain the only samurai on the map, i.e. splash all over the map. The only problem is that they, the opponents, have the property to revive again and again. But this is only a joy.
If directly and concretely, then in the game you have a sword or other weapon (depending on the skin you have chosen) and one strike is enough to knock the opponent out of the game. The task can be considered climb to Top and keep the position as long as possible, trying to set a personal record. With time and experience, the sword lengthens, which makes the task easier, but quite a bit, because even in Gunsø there is an acceleration option, through which players can jerk and pass through your defense zone.
The danger of a breakthrough is that a player can not be killed at a time when he makes a jerk. That is, if an enemy approaches you at a tremendous speed, and you have given up a sword, you will not kill him, but he will come out of a jerk state, strike you while you stand a pause for a new blow.
For the general fun and variety, the world of Goons io is inhabited by moving drops, the small ones of which simply deprive you of balance for a while, but a collision with a large one will kill you. The only task of these droplets is to hunt the players.
Back in the game there are big immortal dudes, from which you can kick out the colored experience points with blows. And if you were killed once, then you will be offered to watch a promo video so that you can reborn right there with the points of experience gained and continue climbing the Top.
Click or space for a hit
Right click or W to jerk