GrindCraft Remastered

Get ready for crafting in Grindcraft Remastered! Now is the time to use your creativity! Youre in the middle of nowhere, but dont worry! You have some resources to use, you just need to explore them. Can you become the best craftsman?
All this game requires is you and your creativity! In this Minecraft-inspired game, youll create tools and items yourself! You will see the tools and objects on the right side of the screen. To create these useful objects, you must first gather basic resources. Hover your mouse over the icons to see the resources and tools you need to create. Then click on the objects to collect on the left side of the screen. As you continue the game, you will discover other locked places, but initially, only the location on the world can be used to collect items. You can collect wood and turn them into planks on earth, then create sticks with these boards and make your first tools. You can also collect gems from the mine to kill enemies to create weapons and unlock different items. As you discover and craft new items, you will gain new achievements. Check your achievement by clicking the trophy icon in the lower left. Good luck in your crafting!
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Agame developed Grindcraft Remastered.
Release date
August 9, 2018
2D color graphics
Various items to unlock
Achievements to unlock
Different crafting items to collect
You can use your mouse to play this game.