Gun Mayhem 2

This is the second game of the Gun Mayhem series. The first game is loved by action lovers, the game is in front of us with a brand new adventure. Our goal in the game again with our weapons to destroy enemies. But this time the adventure will take a little longer. If you remember the first part, there were 11 chapters. The second game has 16 chapters. In short, a breathless adventure is waiting for you again. You enter the game by creating your character. You can adjust it from hairstyle to clothes and color. You can also type your name if you want. As in the first game of the series you can fight with your friends in this game. You can fight against each other, or you can fight against two artificial intelligence characters. There are many types of weapons in the game, you can buy these weapons with the money you earn and your enemies can be the fearful dream. You can control the first player with W, A, S, D keys and control the second player with direction keys. You can shoot with Z, X and T, Y keys.