Hide Online

If you like 3D hide-and-seek games, hide online is for you. It is a game that can be played with multiple players. Shooting at the target of the hunters will give you a fun time. When you start taking stage, youll enjoy 3D graphics. You can play through any region you want. Among these regions are the USA, Asia and European countries. Depending on your connection speed, the region you want will be more appropriate. While hunting you must be in constant motion. Because each room requires a separate payment, you may have to leave some of the objects you own.
if you want to hide in a good way, you can do it by choosing a good spot for yourself. its as fun as hunting in hiding. Which side you choose is completely left to you. Being a hunter or hiding is your rule. Whichever gives you more enjoyment, you can start to spend a pleasant time choosing in the game right away. The game was developed by Android in 2016. It is one of the most popular games currently played. you can shoot while controlling the Hunter with the help of Mause. Your exciting adventure awaits you