is a unique team vs team game where the goal is to paint the city streets your own color using a giant airbrush, a jetpack that drives you forward. Do your best to cover more space than the opposing team during the one minute round. Collect various bonuses that increase your speed and spread, paint the drawings of your opponents and rise to the top!
The four players are split into two teams green and purple. As soon as the tour starts, they fly over and automatically start covering the street with paint. In just a few minutes, there are hardly any unpainted spots left on the level, and all that remains is to paint the other teams work.
The last few seconds of the round are almost always the most important: the team that manages to outpace the opponent in this short period wins. The result is decided by artificial intelligence, which looks at the resulting patterns and evaluates the surface area occupied by the players.
Your success depends on the efficiency of your team: To achieve the best results, players need to cooperate, avoid facing each other and slowing down each other.
The creators decided to make free, but you can support the developers by watching a few ads before starting the game. We wish you good luck!