Take control of a delicate little egg and wreck ruin in the combat zone! Take arms and tempest all adversaries as you rain projectiles in Shellshock IO! Pick your weapon from a colossal determination of firearms and decimate the various eggs in the field! is an online multiplayer first-individual shooter arcade amusement where you and your foes take control of delicate eggs. The objective of the diversion is to have the most noteworthy executing streak among the various players while endeavoring to make due as long as you can. There are additionally some egg packs and projectiles scattered around that can help you in the battle. Discover a vantage point and decimate the various adversary eggs. Will you have the capacity to make it to the highest point of the leaderboard?
WASD – Move
Mouse – Point/Explore
LFM – Shoot
Q – Projectile
E – Change Weapon
Space – Hop
Move – Point
R – Reload