About Lordz2.io
In Lordz2.io you are a king who rules his kingdom and defends his enemies. Lordz2.io is a multiplayer tower defense game featuring kings, lords and wizards. The game offers various units and basic building elements such as knights, sorcerers, dragons, trolls and much more. There are many innovations for your soldiers and bases. Fight epic battles against other kings or plunder foreign villages while soldiers are gone. Welcome to Lordz2.io Conquest, the new strategy .io game in the world of Lordz.io. Build the largest army to conquer the map and conquer new territories to expand your kingdom and unlock the best heroes! New things added in Lordz2.io compared to Lordz.io:
Hero system with special powers,
Cavalry units,
New buildings to open new soldiers,
Walls (Create walls to protect your castle from other players),
Advanced formation system.
How to play Lordz2.io?
WASD or arrow keys to move the character
Hold down left mouse button to attack
E or right-click to activate special power
B build menu
U soldier menu
F to regulate the formation of the army
Y soldiers to rise levels
Spacebar To split the army
To change the occurrence of C
M, to change the minimapi
L look at leaderboard
To enter the ESC Pause menu
Lordz2.io Strategy
In Lordz2.io you must build a castle first. When you have a castle, you can get basic units from the Units Menu (U).
In order to hire more special soldiers and monsters, you need to build special buildings. You must build cavalry units by building a barn.
Create Forge to access Unit Upgrades. You earn gold by killing animals or collecting coins on the ground.
Build archer towers or sorcerer towers and develop to defend your bases and build a huge wall around it to be safer!
You can earn as much gold and victory points as you can by destroying other players buildings. If you earn enough victory points, you will unlock new zones in Conquest Mode.
Use the formation system to place your soldiers into your own army. Always pay attention to the mini-map, so notice before the enemy attack.