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The world is your playground in Minecraft Builder. Get ready to shape the soil and build amazing things in this game, inspired by one of the most successful sandbox survival games. Forests, lakes, rivers, mountains and many more landscapes await you to shape them. Get your tools and start building now! Let your imagination run wild because you can create almost anything in this game! Do not expect strict rules or tough goals in the field of this game. You are free to explore and interact with the world to your hearts content. Start the game by choosing one of the 2 available worlds. When you are born, act and explore the land first. Many interesting things will be waiting for you to discover. You may encounter different structures. You can destroy them or build something on top! Tired of walking around the surface? Dig ground and explore gold! Who knows what to find? If you enjoy navigating open worlds like this one, you should check out our other game, Classic Minecraft. Have fun! Developer Vseigru.net has developed the Minecraft Builder. Release date January 22, 2019 Features Colorful and 3D blocky graphics A huge open world map to explore Lots of different blocks to build Fun and addictive game Controls Use the WASD keys to move around. Hold the Left Shift key to run while moving. Press F to turn flight mode on or off. When flying, use the Q and E keys to fly up and down respectively. Press the T key to use your flashlight and interact with objects. Use the G key to throw the item youre holding. Use your mouse to look around and aim.

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