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Get ready to perform amazing stunts and stunts on the bike you trust in the Moto X3M 1. Being a driver takes the heart of a brave man, and you are one of the bravest. Put on your helmet, keep your eyes on the road, and dont forget to land on your wheels when youre in the air. Unleash your inner thrill seeker on multiple levels. They went to great lengths to make this course challenging even for the most experienced motorcyclists. The cheering of the crowd encourages you, so take your place at the starting line and prepare for an exciting journey. Your goal in this game is to complete each level as quickly as possible to get the highest score possible. There are 25 levels in this game full of challenging obstacles. Youll unlock the rest as you prove your skills by completing levels. You can control your bike using the arrow keys. Motorcycles are all about speed, so press the up arrow key to release the throttle. A real biker knows control is everything! Use the down arrow key for brakes. Keep your balance while airborne by using the left and right arrow keys to ensure a safe landing. Your final score depends on your time. You can earn up to 3 stars on each level. You can use these stars to unlock and buy different bikes. Can you earn all the stars and unlock all the bikes? Features Colorful 2D graphics 3 different bikes you can use 25 challenging levels Fun game controls Use the arrow keys to control your bike.


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