About is a chicken war royale game that first entered the io gaming industry. You start the game as a chicken and your goal is to turn your opponents into chicken wings. You must survive to achieve victory in the game. You are in a sad world trapped in a chicken cage, thrown by a conveyor belt. In the game 80 players are struggling stuck on the disc on a terrible grinder. The disc is unstable and if someone falls from the disc it dies and then turns into a chicken fry. It is also one of the funniest browser games ever, because if you like fried chicken, you will love it.
How to Play
Walk with WASD or arrow keys.
Space key to jump.
You can push other chickens by holding down the Space key.
Press the space key twice quickly to fly.
Press one of the direction keys twice to run.
In you are in a sad world trapped in a chicken cage, thrown by a conveyor belt. The player has several moves that he can use to survive in the race. Each player can use the following actions; walking, running, and jumping. The last player on the disc wins the game and receives the highest amount of bonus points. The number one player on the big board starts to be coronated, making him the ultimate ingot master, the king of chickens. Strategy
In the beginning you are a small chicken and you must be the best of 80 chicken. The game starts on a metal plate, then balance and try to lower them until other players die. Note, however, that the metal plate always shrinks and no one wants to lose it. The meat grinder is always hungry and only one can survive. Try to eat corn at the corner of the metal plate to grow. Although not very dramatic, you can try to fly back to the disc by repeatedly pressing the space. Also be careful because in the end the ground will shrink and the game will become insanely difficult.
You must earn points in the form of ingots to unlock new hats such as the visor cap, ketchup cap, frying basket and a drinking cap. Collect all the hats! Players eating the most corn reach the largest and have easier time pushing the other chickens of the disc. You start with the smallest size, but you have the advantages of level jump.