Enter the stadium in the game and show them who is the best rugby team! The stadium is full of people and your fans are cheering for your team. Ready to prove that your skills in rugby are unmatched?
The match is about to start. Get ready to fight forward to win. Your goal in this game is quite simple. To win, you just need to reach the finish zone and score more goals than the other team. To play, press the left mouse button and drag the mouse cursor to move your player. The game will start immediately when you click on the screen. Just drag the mouse cursor and try to catch the ball before your opponents. Once you have the ball, hold the ball and avoid incoming interference. If your teammates catch the ball, help them and clear the way by interfering with your opponents. The team that scores more goals before the time runs out wins the game. So keep running, do your best to avoid hitting others and reach the final zone. Win every match you play for fast ranking. Good luck!
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Great Games developed Ball Mayhem.
Release date
February 11, 2019.
Fun game
Sorting system
Beautiful 2D graphics
Intuitive controls
You can play this game with your mouse.