About is an online drawing and guessing IO game. In, you will play against other players from all over the world in real time. In this game, you will be the artist and predictor of a word in order. The artist chooses a word that other actors guessed and should draw it to tell other actors. The estimators guess what the word is by looking at the drawn picture. Points are given to the person who guessed the drawn word correctly and first. You can recognize this as very similar to the popular board game known as real life Pictionary. But the idea of ​​guessing what other players draw is much longer than that. In this version, there is a public leaderboard and various players from all over the world that will add an international variety to the game.
How to Play
You will use your mouse to draw the picture. You will have access to a variety of different colors, brushes, brush sizes and interesting tools that allow you to fill the entire background or a specific enclosure with paint. The guessing players have to write their answers in the group chat section. The chat bot automatically detects the correct answer, finishes the turn, and scores the correct player. Test your guessing skills and drawing skills in a classic game. This game is the right choice to increase your vocabulary in a fun way. Strategy is a multiplayer drawing and prediction driven pictorial IO game! You must be faster than other players in this game. You can use a dictionary to guess the word correctly. You can find a word immediately with online dictionaries. In addition, when you are the artist who tells the word to other players, you can find the most accurate drawing by searching that word on the Internet. In this game you have to act very smart and use your time in a balanced way.
The words in this game are updated every day and become a bigger drawing game. It is a game that can be described as an IO game that always targets the best. The game is updated frequently and is one of the best guessing online games. Will you be one of the players that keeps the competition high?