Slither Birds

Slither Birds is a great .io game that combines concept with cute characters from the iconic Angry Birds game. Before starting the game, you can enter a user name and select the snake bird you want to control. The aim of the game is simple. You must collect multicolored eggs scattered on the map and increase the size of your snake.
For each egg, you collect your snake the size of a piece. You should avoid contact with other players, otherwise your snake will be destroyed. To defeat your opponents, you have to try and surround them and force them to hit your own snakes body. You can use a speed boost to jump your enemies, but this speed boost also reduces the size of your snake, so be careful! Can you create an enormous eel bird and dominate the arena?
Slither Birds Game How to Play?
Use your mouse to control the direction of movement.
Left click to increase your speed.