is an unusual multiplayer action game set under water. Take control of a swordfish fighting for survival in the harsh ocean environment where food is scarce and enemies are deadly. Collect as much energy as possible and kill the competition by poking them with your tooth. Can you survive long enough to get to the top of the leaderboards?
Every game is a battle to the death: even a new player is armed with a terrifying weapon provided by nature – a pointed tooth that can pierce any living creature with ease. Use your reflexes and experience to avoid dying for as long as possible, anticipate the movements of your enemies and use your speed and momentum to destroy them at the right time.
StabFish.ios controls play an important role in the game in general: The faster you move your mouse cursor, the faster your swordfish will respond to input and take the necessary action. Movement is automatic, all you have to do is speed up by clicking the left mouse button to direct and execute a deadly attack.
Fun gameplay and great graphics aside, the best thing about this game is its accessibility. You can not only play StabFish io for free, but you can run it on almost any device imaginable, as long as a modern web browser is installed. Just open the page of the game and start the battle!
Are you ready to be a deadly swordfish with no mercy and ready to kill for food? Do you have what can be called the terror of the seas? Join online, play until you master the game, unlock all skins and weapons and rule the underwater kingdom!