Super fighters is a platform-based fighting game where you can play in an action-packed two-player game about the fierce fighting and battles of little men.

Are you ready to argue? MythoLogic Interactive is a single-screen, 2-player or single-player fighting game full of super warriors, weapons, tactical maneuvers and chunky pixel art. It is a game where little lovers trick each other into firing, stabbing, burning, kicking, firing (again) and staying out of life, and they will start over again after this tour is over!
Super fighters have a somewhat tight control scheme that takes some time to get used to. The controls are fully customizable, but it helps a lot, especially if you have a handy gamepad. Basically, you move with the [arrow] keys and use the [N] and [M] keys for melee and ranged weapons. If a second player joins you, they will find their own keypad on the other side of the keyboard. You got a few special moves to help you get into the game, that is, the line, dive and roll maneuvers, as well as a handy “cover-making” ability. The game introduces you slowly to everything, but will take a few laps before they all settle. But worth the time!
When you are ready to play Rock, Superfighters offers two main game modes: vs mode and scene mode. The old, simple battle to the last point where you select the characters, the number of players each team / bot is on, and the scene you will fight. The scene mode is similar but offers you a quest to beat the opposing team throughout the four-stage game in three-stage difficulty. Set everything, press the [space bar] and you are ready for a fight!
The battle in super warriors is frantic, strategic and highly satisfying. You start with a few basic weapons, a weak melee attack and a few grenades, but everyone needs an edge. Check your opponent is location, look for the nearest weapon you can find. Hurry up and remember that everyone will come after you, so both defense and crime must be played equally. Grab something exploding from the boom and start hunting!
How to play?
1. Player: Arrow Keys / N / M /. /,
Player 2: WASD / S / 1,2,3,4