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Take control of different superheroes in and face other players in online multiplayer game. From your favorite heroes to villains, there are many different familiar faces you will encounter in the arena. Can you climb the leaderboard and beat the others? The purpose of this game, which belongs to the .io genre, is fun! You are trying to be the strongest player with the most points. You can play the game with your mouse. Click the play button in the main menu to start the game. You will start small. You have 2 options to enlarge your body and increase your level. The first is to consume the colorful power spheres you see around you. The other option is to beat other players by hitting them. The second option gives more experience points, but you have to be careful. Other players are trying to be the best too, so they will attack you too. As you level up, you switch to different characters. The attack range of the characters you control at higher levels is longer. As you kill others, you earn money and you can spend them to upgrade different stats. Good luck! Competition is fun and exciting! Why not try out our wildly popular game by clicking here? Have fun! Developer Lora Studio developed Release date June 27, 2019 Features 30 different characters to play Colorful 2D graphics 3 different upgrades you can get Simple controls Online multiplayer game Controls You can use your mouse to play this game.

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