Vex 2

A great stickman action is waiting for you in Vex 2 game developed by Amazing Adam. We are going to start by saying Play Game vex 2 vex 1 in a similar structure as in the case, but we continue to vex 2 many different sections have been added.
How to play Vex 2 In the game with the arrow keys to control the stickman will take you to the red flag points and try to create certain starting points to ourselves. As we said in the Vex 2 game, there are different tracks and sections, and sometimes it seems easy to pass, but you will encounter very difficult sections. If the orange boxes appear in the game, dont try to push them because Vex 2 can jump high thanks to them. You will earn different trophies and rewards as you progress with the stickman. The first part you will play in Vex 2 is a kind of test section where you learn to play the game after entering the green door you will encounter the real sections.
Vex 2 is expected to be one of the games of the year, there is excitement, adventure, action, there is fun, in short, everything is absolutely recommended to play.