Play this ambitious skill game and improve your skills by playing! Jump from platform to platform and climb walls to gain access to checkpoints. There are moving blocks that you can use, but you have to watch them at the same time, because at the same time they can crush you.
Are you paying attention to the sharp edges on the platform and walls?
In the game, a garbage man with the arrow keys or W, A, S and D keys to control. We try to jump through the platforms by jumping between the platforms. However, red spines are dangerous to us. If we hit the red spines, we start at the beginning of the section. Our character slowly emerges from big places. First we jump and stick. If we jump again, we can get on top of the platform. Or if we jump between two platforms, we can get out faster. We can move with the down arrow key. In this way, if the thorn will touch our head under normal conditions, it is not worth it when we pass by. The game features a counter. The faster we pass, the more points we get. Good luck!