Voxiom.io is a 3D real-time multiplayer battle royale game with mining and crafting elements. Use the F key or hold down the right mouse button to aim for better accuracy. Crafting can upgrade weapons. Some structures always produce better loot than others.
While holding a block, use the right click to switch to wall mode to place blocks in bulk. Join discord to chat with the community, get the latest info and news!
Voxiom.io is a free game game. Welcome to the ultimate 100-player real-time multiplayer voxel battle royale first person shooter game. This free game features procedurally generated maps. When players join, they are born on the warming island and wait for the game to begin when there are enough players. When the game starts, players are randomly dropped on the battle island to fight to be the last survivor. Chests of various tiers containing various weapons, shovels, consumables and blocks are scattered all over the island. Players must find and use these items to fight to be the last survivor and win the game. The constant toxic fog throughout the game will slowly shrink the war island and force the player to find and eliminate each other.
W-move forward
S-move backward
A-move left
D-move right
Open X-inventory (use left click and right click to change items)
C – hold crouch
Shift – hold sprint
Tab grab-view map
Left mouse button – primary action on item: shoot / use item / consume item
Right mouse button on item or F – secondary action: aim / key block placement mode