I will talk about the game, which has been released recently due to its being online, despite its very similar features to Among Us, despite its beta version. There are 2 teams in the game, one of them is Crewmate, so this team is innocent and they can finish the game with a victory after doing certain tasks in the game. In the other team, it is necessary to prevent Crewmates from working and kill when they can. Those in this team are Impostors. Impostors can Sabotage and save time. They can kill a person after waiting a certain amount of time. Crewmate team is 8 people while Impostor team is only 2 people. In order for the Impostors to win the game, the crewmates in the game can win the game when their player numbers are down or by performing the sabotage perfectly. You can play the game for free at