Run Race 3D

Run Race 3D is a great racing game that you will perform incredible jumps. Your little character will start running on your own and you wont turn, speed, or stop. The only thing youre controlling is his jumps. Make the colorful runner jump off the high platforms and walls to reach the finish line. Each race consists of three laps, so try to perform well enough to finish the entire race faster than your opponents. Have fun with Run Race 3D!
Run Race 3D Game How to Play?
You will participate in fascinating races on extraordinary tracks. Perform spectacular and cunning stunts to outdo your opponents and reach the finish line first. Each level has a new path and new obstacles. So dont relax for a second! The smallest mistake can leave you behind and it will be very difficult to catch what is in front of you. Join Run Race 3D online now and see if you are fast and agile enough to become a champion!
Controls: Mouse / Spacebar