This amazing game is a real time strategy game. You will play this game in a dark space. Your only purpose is to conquer planets in the space. Thus you can be the owner of your own universe! Bitplanets awaits you now!
How to play Bit Planets game?
First of all you will select a room and you should know that every single room is an another game that includes other players.
You will see that there is a time period in this game so you will see a clock when you entered the room. You will see a map that shows the time and you can understant how much time do you have. When you finish a match you will start another game automatically.
In this game you will try to conquer the most planets. Thus you can be the winner of Bit planets game.
Bit planets control buttons
You will use mouse by dragging and dropping the map on the screen with your finger or mouse.
You can scrool to do zoom and out.
If you want to choose a planet, click on the planet to select.
If you are lost in the game or cannot see anything or planets, the game may be on loading process so you should wait little bit.
You can click the “center” button on the toolbox section.