About is a great game with multiplayer survival theme. is a new War Royale io game where you have to loot other players, build bases, produce farm supplies, kill opponents and avoid the storm. In this game, you enter the world of Krunt, then you must do your best to survive and eliminate other players. You can pick up player equipment and weapons from the ground. You can also board a vehicle to move the map faster. Watch out for the attacks of other players. The map is huge and there are many different areas to explore. Can you be the last surviving player in the world of
How to Play
Your main goal at is to survive. It is a battle royale game (the playing field shrinks over time) but has many new features. In the left corner you can see the amount of wood you have. Press the Q button to create a wall. You can simply create your own base, especially if you are playing with your friends.
WASD or arrow keys to move
Q to build
M to open the map
R to reload
Space to jump
Shift to Run
To change weapons 1-6
Left mouse button to shoot Strategy
After pressing Play, you will be teleported to the lobby, where you will have to wait a few seconds until all players are ready. When everyone is ready, the game will start and you will be sent back to the Battle Royale map.
Your first strategy is to be fast and loot all the boxes you can find! To loot, you must open the crates around the map.
The second strategy you should use is to use agricultural equipment. Later in the game you will have to build walls to protect yourself from enemies and you will need many materials to do so.
The third strategy is to hunt and kill other players! Only one player can win, so you must kill and survive to win.
Another strategy you should know is the tactics of the region. The region shrink will continue to shrink the map gradually and you will have to avoid it as it will harm you. The first zone will deal only 1 damage, the second zone 2 damage, the third zone 4 damage, the fourth zone 8 damage and the fifth 16 damage!
Be sure to share with your friends! Enjoy playing!