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Squid game consists of 5 different mortal competitions. In the first episode, there is a green light red light competition as in the first episode of the series. In this section, you run on the track by moving the mouse back and forth and left and right. The midwife stands with her back turned in the tree at the end of the track. You move forward using the mouse while the girls back is turned. With her back turned, it says GREEN LIGHT at the top of the screen. When the girl turns towards the contestants, this article turns into RED LIGHT. The contestants who move while the color of the text is red are killed by being shot with a sniper weapon. The surviving competitors continue to advance on the track. When you manage to reach the red finish line without dying, you complete the level. At first, 30 people start the race with you. At the top of the screen, the time given to complete the course is 1 minute and 10 seconds. Even if you still havent reached the finish line when the time is up, you are shot and killed by the sniper. In order not to enter the target of the sniper, you have to reach the finish point before the time runs out and with the girls back turned. At the end of the episode, the money left over from the dead accumulates in the piggy bank. In the second part, you start the race by choosing one of 4 different options. You complete the level by removing the sugar without breaking it using a fine needle within 35 seconds at the top of the screen. If the sugar crumbles, you burn. As you use the needle, the indicator on the side increases from green to red. By keeping the indicator at the green level all the time, you are cutting the candy. In the third part, you are doing a tug-of-war with equal numbers of groups. At the top of the screen is the power indicator. As you click on the screen, the line on the indicator moves to the right. By keeping the moving line in the "< >" region, you pull the opposing team towards you and drop it off the cliff. In the fourth part, you have 5 marbles in your hand and you try to put these marbles into the pit at a far point. If you manage to put even one marble into the pit after 5 shots, you complete the level. In the last part, you walk on the glass bridge. Some steps of the glass bridge are strong and some steps are fragile. If you step on the fragile steps, you fall down and die. For this, you have to step on a solid step at every step and complete the parkour. Before the start of the episode, the solid, that is, unbroken steps are shown to you in bright colors. You complete the free squid game by jumping on the unbreakable steps and finishing the track.

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